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NeoTube is one of the most popular Neo-powered blockchain explorers. It has successfully fulfilled over 10 million blockchain data requests and queries. We are preparing to add support for an additional 7 languages to make our service easier for users around the world. The additional languages will include: Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean.

The development team of NeoTube - NeoNEXT, consists of Chinese and English, speakers. As such, we are seeking volunteers to assist us with translating the website into the aforementioned languages. We humbly ask for the help and support of the community to achieve this goal. Together, we will continue building a professional, comprehensive, friendly and shared data platform.

Specific task:
We are seeking volunteers to complete website translation for a number of newly supported languages.

Please do not apply unless proficient in at least one of the languages listed below:
Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean

NeoTube official website: https://neotube.io 
Apply entrance: https://neotube.io/translate

We welcome all community members & blockchain enthusiasts to join us!

We have established a reward pool of 50 NEO to be divided equally among volunteers who sign up and complete the translation task!


Check out the details and apply below:

NeoTube official website: neotube.io
Apply entrance: https://neotube.io/translate
Apply E-mail: teamwork@neonext.io

Tips: You need to provide info as format below via E-mail:
Skilled language:

Dear multilingual partners, we need you to join us! Let more people know about NeoTube. Using NeoTube, we firmly believe that a good product is worthy of being experienced by more people!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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